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Stroll the romantic West Lake

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Sunny water waves its radiance, Hazy rain tricks the hill but West Lake is always alluring. Indeed, an iconic, representative sight in Hangzhou and is viewed as a standout among the most wonderful sights in China. Its magnificence is the subject of numerous poems and paintings. Legends beginning in West Lake add to it an aura of romance. This beautiful lake is surrounded by temples, Pagodas, gardens and mountains await travelers in Hangzhou, china. This place is so revered by locals over the year that was called “Paradise on Earth”. What West lakes do? It highlights the charm, mystique and untouched beauty of the vast and untouched Sourthern inland and China.  It is one of the best locations where you can spend some good quality time with your loved ones. And don’t forget to describe this lake as the only jewel to fall on the earth.