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Binge Eat Kaw Kaw Burger

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On the off chance that you are a genuine foodie, at that point, you can't pass up these burgers while visiting Kuala Lumpur. At the main chomp itself, you will experience passionate feelings for the succulent and all around cooked burger at Kaw. It merits each penny. There are a lot of alternatives with generally interesting gourmet burgers. The burgers here are somewhat messy true to form however not so much muddled as the perfect measure of sauces is given. Taste-wise, you will like the firm patty as it is delicate and succulent within while crunchy outwardly.


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Singapore (1N), Cruise (2N), Singapore (2N), Genting Highlands (2N), Kuala Lumpur (2N)
... Singapore (1N), Cruise (2N), Singapore (2N), Genting Highlands (2N), Kuala Lumpur (2N)