Flamingo Transworld is a Travel Agency Based in Ahemdabad, Gujarat. In the 3rd decade of the company we are a name synonymous with fun filled family Vacation.. We are top leading travel company in the Gujarat market for International tours handling 20000+ passengers every year and tours to more than 75 countries in the world. We have a team of more than 230 professionals who are highly knowledgeable, systematic and proactive employees and our ultimate goal is to – “Make Happy Vacations” for our customers.

Why Flamingo?
  • Largest Vegetarian Tour Operator in India
  • Successfully made Holidays for more than 1,25,000 Families
  • More than 250 committed individuals
  • More than 40 locations across the world
  • Tours to more than 75 countries in the world
  • 100% customer satisfaction

Our Founders
Our company is navigated under the leadership of Mr. Sanjay Shah- Managing Director and Mrs. Meeta Shah- Founder Member of our company. We are spread across 40 locations - Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. Flamingo has successfully made holidays to more than 1, 25,000 families. Our in-house Tour leaders are highly knowledgeable, transparent and provide services with care and responsibilities.

Our Services
  • International Tours- Group Tour and Individual Tour
  • Domestic Tours- Group Tour and Individual Tour
  • International and Domestic Ticketing
  • VISA
  • Global Customer Management

Valid Passports
  • A Valid passport is of 6 months validity from the date of your departing, last day date of the last visiting country.
  • It is necessary to have blank pages on your passport.You will need atleast two pages for each destination that your visiting.
  • It is suggested to carry your old passports along with you.
  • Also take a photocopy of your passport with you on the Trip.
  • You will have to show your passport various times on your trip like hotel airline checkins,at Tourist spots, immigration area while visiting a different country etc and hence it is important that you keep it Handy and safe.
  • Please do not forget to collect your passport at any given point of time.
  • Incase of lost passport in foreign destination during your tour immediately report to local police station & submit FIR to Indian embassy. Tour will be not kept on hold. You should keep FIR for new passport in India.
  • You must check your passport details like: Name, Gender, Validity Date of Birth.

Valid Visas
  • Visa means visitor intending to stay abroad.
  • All the necessary visas cover the actual date of travel, indicating passport number, and passenger name.
  • All passengers are requested to verify their photograph, passport number, passport validity & valid date on the visas. It is always advisable to carry two photographs with you.
  • If you have applied for Online visa you will get a printout and it is important to carry this paper with you at all times till you are back to your home country.
  • On Arrival Visa: you must carry sufficient cash or credit card. Travel
  • Document like: Hotel Voucher, Agent Itinerary, Local Guide Number, airline ticket etc.
  • For NRI Or IOC Card Holder: in few destination like Middle East

Valid Ticket
  • You should carry valid ticket of traveling with printout, wherein each sector are confirmed& the sector you are traveling now as reconfirmed (RR).
  • For the Joining Direct passengers, they will have to reconfirm their tickets on their own.
  • Also, for the passengers who will not be returning back along with the group or those who have deviation will have to reconfirm the tickets on their own.
  • Please make sure that you have a confirmed return date, plus you should be able to justify the number of dates stay with the itinerary.
  • Please note that most of the tickets are E-Tickets.
  • Your valid ticket should be matching with your stay. If you are staying with your relatives after the tour, please carry their details.
  • Meal Request: Check your meal request in your ticket.
  • Baby Basinet Or Infant:
  • Wheel Chair Request Or Special Service Request: Before Issuing your any airline ticket please make sure cross check with our ticketing or tour department staff for special services. For wheel chair request airline will confirm wheel chair service before 24 hours of your departure date. You must carry authorized doctor letter for special services.

Please note that Emigration Clearance is not required for tourist purpose since Oct-07

Travel Insurance
  • Travel Insurance is advisable. If you fall ill or meet with some problem,medical treatments in the foreign countries are very expensive. Insurance will be very useful at that time.
  • Please note that incase of any eventuality the tour will not wait for you.
  • Please do have health cover from your insurance agent, since medical facilities are very costly in abroad. Also please understand form them what is the procedure of contacting them incase if you fall ill & how will you get your claim.
  • Even at an additional charge, cashless insurance are better to take.

Reporting Time
  • Minimum 3 hours before the flight departure time, you have to reach the airline check in counter. For domestic Minimum 2 hours before the flight departure time.
  • Please note that sticking to the reporting time is necessary& in case you are late for reporting Airline may not allow you to board the plane, even if you are holding confirmed & reconfirmed tickets.
  • Especially in peak season travel always reach the airport early.
  • If you are late and miss the flight then only if another flight is available to your destination.
  • Our Tickets are booked in bulk and much prior to the departure dates so if you miss the flight you will have to purchase a new ticket at a much higher cost.
  • We Can only assure you a confirm ticket but in order to get a good seat or if you wish to sit with your family you will have to come early to check in counter and grab your favorite seat.Few airline also provide web check in option free or cost or with extra payment. That you will bare by you.

Flamingo App - Frequently Asked Questions
What is Flamingo Mobile App? Flamingo Mobile App is basically a one stop solution for all your questions regarding travelling, starting from tour packages to on-tour updates. It has all you need!

What features does Flamingo Mobile App have? Flamingos mobile app serves A to Z assistance beginning with tour packages of your favorite destination to regular on-tour updates like daily itinerary, places you must see on tour, shopping places to explore and so much more. You can also share your tour feedback through the mobile app. So basically everything is available on your figure tips.

What kind of interests can be found on our app? Flamingo Transworld is a travel company serving domestic and international tour packages since 1996. Our app is a one stop solution for any information related to travel. Here you will find well planned itineraries, travel guides, destination videos, tour vouchers, on tour updates and more. All these things will be handy on your phone.

How will we know about fresh deals and new updates? Ans: We have this features of sharing notifications. You can choose your preferences as per your interests and if you allow notifications then you will receive regular information about new updates regarding that particular segment. And trust us, they will be really interesting!

Can we make an inquiry through the app? Yes we allow inquiry generation on our app. Below are the methods you can use:

Chat and Call One of the options is by taking a call or chat with one of our consultants. You can share your requirements with them and they can generate an inquiry for you. Once that is done our concern person will contact you to share details and guide you further.

Send an Inquiry Button Another option is that you can click on send an inquiry button available on all pages, fill in the details and generate an inquiry. Once that is done our concern person will contact you to share details and guide you further. Don’t worry it is really easy! Go try.

Also while on tour if you need any help you can use the option to call or chat with the concern person to find an outcome immediately. Through the app travel consultants will be in constant touch with you while you are on tour.

How can I spread a word for Flamingo App? Thank you for recommending us! It is quite simple. Tell your friends and family to download our app and create an account. For more information they can like our Facebook page, follow us on Instagram, Twitter, subscribe to us on YouTube, check out our blog posts and follow updates on our website as well.

More answers to come, and feel free to send us your questions too!
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