Reis Magos Fort Goa

The Reis Magos Fort in Goa is controlled by the Goan government and it is maybe the most prepared fortification in Goa. From its cause, the fortification was utilized as a prison and afterward medical clinic. The fortification was freely open on the fifth June 2012 and is kept up and made accessible for open advantage by Reis Magos legacy focus and was monetarily upheld by the Government of Goa. The fort is situated in a strategic location that is close to the river that joins the Arabian Sea. The exact location where the fort stands today started as a small military outpost in 1493, then the fort came under the rule of the British between the years 1799-1813, when they captured Portuguese ruled Goa. During this period, the fort was later used to house their soldiers. Explore Reis Magos Fort with our Goa Tour Packages.

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