Alpather Lake

The twin mountains of Alpather, make a triaingular space in between them to accommodate the Alpather Lake. Most months of the year, the lake stays frozen but as the summer months’ approach, the ice leads to ice berg islands and the water claims back its liquid blue state.

Alpather lake lies around 13 kms away from the Gulmarg town. With a backdrop of snow-capped mountains and acres of lush green terrain, this is just the place where you would want to go to escape from the hustle bustle of cities. For adventure seekers and fit tourists, a trek of one-day consisting of thirteen kms, will take you to Alpather Lake from Gulmarg(via Khilanmarg).

Important Note :

1. Alpather lake one can go when they take top level cable car in Gulmarg,depends upon the security during that period

2. One way is pony walk  and Shortest way is when a person takes cable car top level from there lake is much nearer

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