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Albert Hall Museum

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The cultural beauty of Jaipur is well expressed in architecture and art forms. One of the best ways to enjoy the culture is the museum. The supreme of all museums is the Albert Hall Museum. The museum offers a special collection of artifacts, objects and other art forms. The Albert Hall Museum building was built in 1876 as a concert hall. Due to its similarity to architecture, the museum gets its name from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. In 1881, the museum was at its prime beauty and people from all over the country came to the museum to buy or enjoy handicrafts, artwork and other masterpieces. Later, the museum began displaying artifacts and ancient artifacts along with the masterpieces of the budding artist. The building has Indo - Saracenic architecture and special stone embellishments. The museum was famous for its architectural beauty since its inauguration. The corridors of the museum are numerous murals, Persian paintings and others. The murals on display express the ancient civilization and reign of the Greek, Babylonian, Chinese, and others. In addition to the galleries, the Albert Hall Museum has a library, a library and a collections section and a café.