Zhangjiajie Travel Guide

Hike the Floating Mountains

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Beyond the splendid lights and old destinations, China's wild heart is waiting to be discovered. The lakes, the mountains, the snaking rivers and streams floating mountains are a land of surprising natural beauty and diversity. Floating Mountains are also known as The Hallelujah Mountains are floating islands that circulate slowly in the magnetic currents like icebergs at sea, scraping against each other and the towering mesa-like mountains of the region.  This beautiful forest is in the sky inspired the Floating Mountains in the film Avatar. Located in the China’s northern Hunan Province the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is a unique landscape stretching over nearly 12,000 acres. And interestingly film Avatar has been ranked in over $2.7 billion worldwide in the box office due to its groundbreaking technology and beautiful scenery. Discover this beauty with our China Tour Packages