Best time to visit in Italy

The best time to visit Italy is during April to June when it is spring season or between September and October when it is fall season and is less crowded and inexpensive.  Autumn bring people closer to beaches and festivals inviting warmth, spirited ambience, people enjoying wine and chocolates. Sring season maintains the perfect balance between the crisp cold and heat. 

August can be a great time to visit parts of Northern Italy, various beach destinations as the sea waters are warm. Choose not to travel to Central or Southern Italy in August as the weather there is hot and muggy. Winter is less preferred to explore Italy, but offers lowest rates and fewer crowds around Italy unless exploring mountain ski resorts. Christmas markets and carnivals turn the gloomy days between December and February in Italy into exciting, joyful, delicious and light celebrations of local culture. 

Best time for wine tasting tours in Italy is between March and May. The landscape is back to lush greenery in spring displaying rows of thriving vineyards all over the hills, mountain slopes, cliffs, and expansive valleys.

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