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Dig in to local food

Langkawi is full of restaurants particularly in Kuah town &PantaiCenang which offers all kinds of local food & beverages. However for buying local food or eating the islanders prefer to use several other options rather than going only to restaurants. This is because restaurants in Langkawi can be expensive, particularly the ones that offer genuine authentic Malaysian cuisine in a relatively good and comfortable environment.
The best known place for take away cheap Malay food are the local night markers which are set up every day at different places on the island. Many residents and Expats also eat the food on site while standing and having a chat with each other. It's not only about food here, it's also the great friendly atmosphere. The Kuih Stalls found in several places on the island are also locals’ favourite. They sell delicious handmade snacks, cakes, cookies and other local foods.Malay cuisine has various vegetarian options like Nasi tomato, or tomato rice


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Thanks to FLAMINGO It Was Our Excellent Dream Trip
Thanks to FLAMINGO It Was Our Excellent Dream Trip

Thanks to FLAMINGO It Was Our Excellent Dream Trip

This was our first trip at abroad, we were having lots of questions with us how will be the company, will get Jain food and many more but with flamingo the answers was yes we got best company and excellent food all over the trip. We didn't only get Jain food but we got full Gujarati dish "Shikhand Puri", "Pani Puri", "Puran Puri", and many Indian dishes, it was really very surprising for us. The hotels provide by them for stay were also so good. The tour manager Devarshi Mam itself was so supportive. We never realized that tour manager is with us she was like our family member. She was so friendly by nature and knowledgeable person to guide us. Thanks to FLAMINGO.It was our excellent dream trip. I would rate 5 stars out of 5.
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