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Café hopping through Georgetown

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Cafes have now become somewhat of rage and popular weekend activity. Penang is undoubtedly not short of great cafes, whether you’re a local seeking some coffee and grub on weekends, or a visitor to the city looking for a place to dine in. There is nothing better than kicking back at a mind-blowing cafe spot after a day of exploring this historically and culturally rich city. You’ll notice a distinctive feature of the Penang (or Georgetown) cafe scene is that they are generally housed within restored colonial shophouses, which makes for a refreshing and uniquely Penang cafe experience.  Give the enduring China House a visit for a great ambience – with its live music and good food, you are sure to have a good time. The best-selling is their Tiramisu Cake. Lavish Fusion Bakery is another good option. Situated in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of George Town, the instagoals cafe features a lot of green space and a vertical indoor garden. Besides hot Favorites menu of pasta and brunch dishes. Lavish Fusion Bakery is popular for its over-the-top Cronuts. Coming in flavours from Lemon Booze to Salted Egg, each stack of flaky cronuts is paired with ice cream and a special sauce.Belle and Cream -When you've never had a cheesecake burned before, you'd better get on the train soon. This popular Basque style of cheesecake has taken the Malaysian cafe scene by storm, with many cafes making their dessert renditions Brought next door by the Australian-inspired Chapel Street Cafe in Georgetown, Belle and Cream specialize in two things: cheesecakes and bubble tea. Do not miss on the Rabbit x Hold Up - a fusion model in Georgetown for the iconic Rabbit Softserve, serving coffee and stirring up a fast-moving line of handcrafted ice cream. Or if you want a scrumptious and hearty brunch that won’t disappoint, head towards The Twelve Cups at the WhiteAways Arcade, one of Penang’s oldest and most famous cafe establishments. For Tropical laid back vacation, Matcho Café has the ambience to experience. Decked