Bioluminescent Beach : glowing beach of Maldives

    One of the beautiful experiences to have while you are in the Maldives is to visit Vaadhoo Island's beach. The bioluminescent beach is quite renowned for an exciting and rare phenomenon that is amazing. The waves continuously toss the phytoplankton over the sands. These bioluminescent phytoplankton's glow in the night. As soon as the sun sets, these planktons produce bright blue light in the water thus creating a mesmerizing effect. This occurrence glows the waves as they splash over the beach. The whole view at night is quite romantic and that is why this place is quite popular amongst couples and honeymooners. The entire beach seems quite surreal and so many a times also referred to as the glowing beach. Apart from this, the beach is also quite popular for picnics, romantic walks on the beach, snorkeling, and hip cafes along with shoreline and can be said as one of the popular Maldives tourist attractions. The best time to visit is from June to October, and especially 5 days after the full moon day. Another option to visit this place is between July to December due to the limited moonlight which enhances the bioluminescent waves thus creates a magical effect. Do experience this magic while you are enjoying your honeymoon along with our Maldives Honeymoon Packages.

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