COMO Cocoa Island In Maldives

COMO Cocoa Island is a sophisticated resort in the Maldives and also known as Makunufushi. It is located among South Male's coral atolls. Accommodations and services here are exceptional and will doubtlessly make your stay beneficial. With an exceptionally neighborhood stylish, the retreat's 33 suites and manors are motivated by the tenderly bending wooden types of the nearby 'dhoni' fishing vessels. Every lodge, associated with a crooked planked walkway, sits seaward and shades the tidal pond. We can coordinate to help you reach neighboring islands and seashores; plan private meals in isolated areas; mastermind yoga, plunging, or swimming; and make experiences for families voyaging together. Set on a rich tropical atoll in the Maldives islands, among delicate White Seashores and clear tidal ponds, COMO Cocoa Island is the embodiment of shoeless stylish, yet complex in its luxury and should a considerable option for planning a Maldives tour package.

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