National Museum In Maldives

Most of the tours to various locations in the world do include a visit to a museum. So while exploring the Maldives with our Maldives Tour Packages, including a visit to the National Museum of the Maldives located in the Sultan Park. During the 17th century, this park was one of the features of the Royal Palace of Maldives. The national museum has three stories built around the year 1950 to preserve the history and culture of Maldives.  The museum displays a huge collection of art pieces that trace way back to the history of these islands. The collection includes ancient stone items, parts of royal antiques which date back to the Buddhist era, relics from the pre-Islamic era that includes thrones, headgears, royal robes, palanquins, shades, and furniture used by the kings.  Apart from these objects, the museum also displays the printing press which was used for the first time in the country, figures excavated from temples of the 11th century. The museum was broken in the year 2012 by a mob of extremists during a political protest. Around 30 antique Buddhist coral stones, carvings were damaged.

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