History & Culture in Philippines

The Philippines was earlier a Spanish colony ruled from Mexico and a Latino vibe is very much alive and kicking in the local culture. For this reason, this part of South-East Aisa is very distinct from other countries in terms of spirituality and culture. The Japanese invaded the archipelago by attacking Pearl Harbour during World War II and wrecks from this can still be seen – Manila is said to b the second most devastated ally capital in the war! 

The people of Philippines have a culture of their own and are collectively called the Filipinos who are known to be very welcoming. The tribal population is animist but urban population is evidently Catholic. Catholic influences can be seen in major town fiestas aka festivals and centuries-old baroque stone churches seen in the city.  More modern American influences are also apparent in the malls and fast food culture. The Filipino cuisine is not heavy on the spices but thrives on freshness. It is a mixture of impact from its rulers and neighbors, that is, Spanish, Indonesian and Asian. Book a food tour in Pampanga and taste the local beer. Like its people, the country is laid-back, happy-go-lucky and high on fun quotient.

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