Best time to visit in Russia

Russia is a huge country and so the weather of Russia depends on where you are in the country and during what time of year. So the temperature varies from being chilly -30°c during the winters to extremely hot during the summers. Hence, you need to check the season and plan a Russia tour package. The summer season starting from May to August is considered to be the best time to visit Russia as the weather is quite pleasant. 

Russia enjoys four different seasons- the summer season (June to August), the autumn season (September to October), the winter season (November to March), and the spring season (April to May).

  • June to August(Summer Season)

Summer in Russia is the peak tourist season and is the best time to visit Russia. The climate is quite warmer in comparison to other months of the year. July is the hottest month of the year and the country enjoys rains throughout the summer season. Though the days are a bit hotter comparatively the nights tend to be cooler. Being the busiest time of the year, the cities are generally over-crowded during this time. And, it is advisable to book your hotels and flights in advance for this season if you’re planning a Russia tour package.

  • September to October (Autumn Season)

Early autumn or late spring is the best time to enjoy Russia. Autumn in Russia is warm and the crowd is also comparatively less than in the summer months. You also don’t have to wait in long queues for any sightseeing or key monuments. Some of the famous tourist attractions of Russia to be enjoyed during this time are Baikal Lake, water sports activities on the beach, mountain biking, and so on. And, the biggest advantage is the reasonable prices of the hotels and flight tickets, thereby lowering your budget and in return giving extraordinary travel memories of Russia. 

  • November to March (Winter Season)

Winter in Russia starts from November end or so. The temperature is too low, making it quite difficult to enjoy the tourists’ activities and travel. The cities are not crowded, and days are colder. But then too if you plan a visit during winter months make sure to carry warm clothes. And, visiting Russia during this time will all together give you a completely different experience and you can enjoy offbeat experiences such as walk in the frozen rivers, Russian bath in the Banya, enjoy the best light show on the earth- the Auroa Borealis, and the most beautiful one is to enjoy the snow sounds and play in the snow in Russia.

  • April to May (Spring Season)

If you are in Russia during the late spring, make sure to experience the remarkable “white nights’ taking place in Saint Petersburg in May end. During this festival, you won’t be able to see the nights, and the city looks like a magic kingdom, locals and tourists roam around the street till late evenings, you can enjoy open-air music shows, and have the best time of your vacation. So this festival makes the end of spring best month to visit Russia. 

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