Geography in Spain

Today the greater part of Spain's zone is situated in southwestern Europe on the territory of the nation that is south of France and the Pyrenees Mountains and east of Portugal. In any case, it additionally has an area in Morocco, the urban communities of Ceuta and Melilla, islands off the shoreline of Morocco and also the Canary Islands in the Mediterranean Sea The majority of this land region makes Spain the second biggest nation in Europe behind France.

The greater part of the geography of Spain comprises of level fields that are encompassed by rough, undeveloped slopes. The northern piece of the nation is overwhelmed by the Pyrenees Mountains. The most astonishing point in Spain is situated in the Canary Islands with Pico de Teide at 12,198 feet (3,718 m).

The atmosphere of Spain is calm with hot summers and chilly winters inland and cloudy, cool summers and cool winters along the drift. Madrid, located inland in the center point of Spain has an average January low temperature of 37˚F (3˚C) and a July normal high of 88˚F (31˚C).

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