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Things To Do In Cappadocia

Cappadocia looks like a totally different planet, because it is really beautiful. It is indeed exceptionally beautiful city which boasts amazing views with hot air balloons. Sunrise and Sunsets here are exceptionally beautiful, even the pictures of Cappadocia are beyond beautiful then imagine how much beautiful in real it would be. Explore it with our International Tour Packages
Ride on hot air balloon
Flying in hot air balloon in Cappadocia should be in top of your bucket list. A rocky landscape of Cappadocia is very own fairytale kingdom. It is considered as the center of hot air balloon in Turkey. Having invested most in this area Cappadocia hosts thousands of local and foreign tourists. Hot air balloons are weather dependents and may be cancelled if the weather is inappropriate. 
horse riding tours
Cappadocia is known as the “Land of beautiful horses” and it is an ideal place to explore horseback. Horses have significantly held a different place in the history of Cappadocia. So, well away from the crowds, explore the fascinating valleys and breathtaking vistas around Goreme during 2 or 4 hour trail. You will travel through some amazing valleys, like: Swords Valley, Love Valley, Rose Valley, and Meskendir Valley. Also ride amongst the orchards of almonds, walnuts, apricots, and much more. 
Zelve Open Air Museum
The Zelve Open-Air Museum, which once housed one of the biggest networks in the area, is a stunning cavern town, honeycombed with homes, religious and common chambers. Zelve is arranged around 10 km out from Goreme on the Avanos Street. Here, the Christians and Muslims lived respectively in flawless congruity, until 1924. The three Valleys in Zelve open air museum which contains the oldest example of Cappadocian architecture and religious paintings.
Visitors are flocking to a tourist attraction which has been dubbed “love valley”. The famous region of Cappadocia has seen an influx of tourists travelling by hot air balloon to check out phallic shaped pillars. This valley is undoubtedly a beautiful place to visit as every morning before sunrise hundreds of hot air balloon rise in to air above Cappadocia, each holding around a dozen of passengers. This site is definitely worth the visit. 
kaymalti  underground city
It is the wildest, enchanting and the most famous and wonderful underground city in Cappadocia. Kaymakli people built this splendid underground city around their homes for security reasons. The versatile location, interestingly holds cultural values of Cappadocia which includes sitting places, storage rooms, churches, kitchen, and furthermore it also contains ventilation holes and main chimneys which are the perfect system providing the communication between all the floors. 
Dervish Show
The whirling dervishes are a Turkish experience that may come to Turkey wanting to see, it is truly amazing performance to witness. This excursion is not like other Turkish nights which are offered in Cappadocia. The whirling dance or Sufi spinning is a piece of a formal service known as Sema. It has its source in the motivation of Mevlana Celaleddin-I Rumi (1207 - 1273) who was a Dervish himself.
Amidst the lamps
The town of Goreme is ideal for budget travelers heading to Cappadocia because everything you need is there and you can easily walk everywhere. It also boasts some incredible shops and strolling past their windows and even wandering in for a closer look is one of the best free things to do in Cappadocia. From Amazing carpets to stunning lamps and amazing leather goods it is literally heaven for shopaholics. So what are you waiting for? Go grab it!! 
pottery house in Avanos
When you pass the mansion which dates to the early 1900’s and centre of Avanos, the pottery workshops begin to appear. Majorly known by the locals these workshops always strive to keep the pottery tradition alive today. Avanos is now known as the sole centre of pottery- making in all Cappadocia. And today at Avanos there are 200 workshops and you would be indeed lucky to find even hundreds master who are registered with local chambers of potter. 
Experience Sunset
Cappadocia’s epic sunrise and sunset will spoil you for life. Waking up early is something we do rarely but you will be surprised to know that travelers wake up at 4am every morning while they are in Cappadocia. The sunrises here at 4:30 am in summers and the view are worth a million dollars. It’s stunning how the colors change from orange to beige and sky is full of hot air balloons. And you know what the funniest part is? After watching your pictures of sunset in Cappadocia people will literally ask you, Can you please tell me the exact location of this photo? Just because it’s super stunning and heavenly. And in bonus Cappadocia will surely make you Instagram super star. Isn’t it fun? 
cave hotel
Staying in a cave wouldn’t be often be found at the top of out to do list. But have you ever heard about staying in a hotel under a cave? It surely goes without saying that hotel within a cave is a whole new ball game together. Visiting Cappadocia and staying in cave hotel is once in a lifetime kind of an experience! Some places will have a massive suite which serves as the most famous attractions within walking range. So are you ready to experience the exceptional and the most beautiful Cappadocia? 

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