Darap Village - Taste Of Bucolic Life In Sikkim

Darap cherry Village is an unspoiled destination which is away from the hustle and bustle of the city.It is located just 8 km from Pelling on the way to Khecheopelri and Yuksam. The area is mainly inhabited by the Limboo Community and other small communities like the Bhutias, Chettris, Tamangs, Rais, Gurungs and Lepchas live in harmony.

Darap Subba Village is a must visit for those who want to spend some quality time with nature.

The owners of Darap Village are the best and happiest folks you will find in Darap Village. You will love the home- like aura and a small library for all the book lovers in the homestay, and the soothing sound of the forest. Just enjoy this leisurely experience as the property itself is well maintained. Be a part of this welcoming destination. If you are morning person, you can walk up to Limbo Village to see the rising sun behind Kanchenjunga Mountain. 

Darap has now become a potential destination for Village tourism. There are various ways one can be engaged in: milking the cows in the morning and evening; gardening in the fields; interaction with the local children; processing butter and cheese; walking in the villages and nearby streams; hiking to other nearby villages; engaging in the daily activities of the village people; and a visit to the 200 year old Limboo traditional house. This ancient structure, with solid mud floors and tar-encrusted ceilings from the constantly burning fire, has been passed down from generation to generation of Nepali Limboo tribesmen.

one of the holiest cave where Guru Padsambhava had    meditated, Nub Dechen Phug and the route further connects to Singalila Range through Yambong trek.

Note :  The given sightseeing can be done if have hired vehicle for the full day or planning to take one. However it is at discretion of vehicle company to do it. Also one has to make sure that the same falls in given kilometer limits by the company. 

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