Yumthang Valley - Sikkim's Valley Of Flowers

Yumthang valley is also known as valley of flowers (not to be confused with the Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand). Situated in North Sikkim  It is at an elevation of 3,564 metres (11,693 ft) above sea level .Yumthang Valley is a paradise on earth, which is full of natural wonders and picturesque beauty.

It is home to zillion flowers, spectacular mountains and a serene river which is often called as valley of flowers. Yumthang valley is lapped by mighty mountains on either side, and the freezing river Teesta forms a crystal ribbon through the forested beauty of the valley.

Its breathtakingly magical and beautiful surroundings make it must place to visit for every traveler. It is located 140 km north to Gangtok, this place is gorgeous attraction. Capture a clear sky and snow- capped mountains and make your visit worthwhile.

It also happens to be situated at what is called "the tree-line", the altitude above which there are no trees. This makes the Yumthang Valley unique in that it has trees and Rhododendrons, and yet abounds in tiny, low-growing Himalayan flowers. The Valley has an astounding, over 24 species of Rhododendrons which paint the Valley red in spring.

The flowering of Rhododendrons is over by May end. During monsoons, starting in June, the Valley blooms with all kinds of tiny Himalayan flowers, like the Primroses, Cinquefoils, Louseworts and Cobra-lilies. This is a much more enchanting scenario, but takes a keen viewer, with an eye for detail, to truly appreciate.

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