Enjoy Mask Dance At Lachung Monastery, Sikkim

Lachung Monastery in the Lachung Valley of north Sikkim is a Nyingma Buddhist gompa that was built in 1880 A.D. It is 9600 feet above sea level at the confluence of the Lachen River and tributaries of the Teesta River. It is also known by the name Lachung Gompa.

An exhilarating experience can be achieved at the Lachung monastery which is standing in the abode of the natural beauty of Himalayas. Marvelous architecture, the backdrop of mountains and its connection to ancient history can't combine all in one single word.

A perfect place for meditation and peace of mind. This monastery is surrounded by forest and is a bit away from Lachung town.

Activity: Sikkimese culture will magnetize anyone with the performance of mask dance known as 'Chaam'which is organized every year in the winter season.

Strikingly colorful clothes and heavy masks are just breathtaking and photography in the season cannot be missed. Visiting here and spending a few hours is one of the best things to do in Lachung.

Location: 50 Km from Lachung

Best time to visit: March to December


  • Pets not allowed.
  • Photography to be done with permission.

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