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Canada is the second-largest country in the world. The country has no shortage of beautiful landscapes and sites for travellers to explore during their Canada holiday. It is a popular tourist destination due to its inspiring scenery, vibrant cities and a welcoming atmosphere

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It is a vast land encompassing majestic mountains, virgin forests, and spectacular coastlines, spacious and arctic tundra. The country is home to vibrant and culturally rich cities also with incredible natural wonders to gaze at. Tourists can interact with the multicultural communities during their Canada tour as it is much of British and French descent. Explore this destination with our Canada holiday packages. Best places to visit on Canada tour package are Vancouver, Niagara Falls, Banff National Park, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and many more. We specialize in the Canadian Rockies Circuit, which is the most popular Canada itinerary for Indians. Enjoy your Holidays in the U.S with our Canada tours.

How to get to Canada by Air?

If you want to travel to Canada from India, then the distance is best covered by flight. There are constant flights from cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Bangalore. These flights connect to major airports in Canada like Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and Montreal. If you want to get to Canada within a short duration, then you can go for a direct flight to Toronto from New Delhi, which will take you 14 hours and 30 minutes; there are direct flights from Mumbai to Toronto, as well.

When you opt for Canada Tour Packages, you will find that there are many amazing places to visit in Canada, and the country is filled with destinations that will appeal to all types of travelers. Canada has lakes, gardens, bustling cities, and a tranquil countryside that will make your trip a holiday to remember.

Flamingo Transworld offers you Canada tour packages from Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur and other major cities of India. We try our best to serve our customers with utmost comfort through our Prompt communication and network of offices around the nation. Most of our team members have already been to the destination and that will surely add value to your holiday. We specialize in serving vegetarian as well as Jain food on all our group tours. So hurry up, and plan your Canada holiday trip with us so that you can create fresh and warm memories to cherish, while we take care of the rest!

Popular Canada Tour Packages

Canada Tour Packages



Captivating Canadian Dreams

16 Nights
/ 17 Days


Captivating Canadian Rockies

9 Nights
/ 10 Days


East Canada

7 Nights
/ 8 Days


Western Canada with Rocky Mountaineer Rail

9 Nights
/ 10 Days


Best places to visit in Canada

Niagara Falls

If you are visiting Canada for the first time, via Canada tour packages from India, then you have to ensure that Niagara Falls is on your travel itinerary. Niagara Falls should be on the top of your list when visiting Canada. You can see the gorgeous waterfalls and the famous city and have a great time taking in the spectacular views.


One more addition to the list of places to visit in Canada has to be Whistler. It is home to the largest ski resorts in the North American continent. This holiday winter destination has everything; snowboarding, skiing, and tobogganing which are some of the major sports highlights of the resort. If you're looking for adventure, then book a stay at the Whistler Ski Resort in British Columbia, Canada. You can travel from Vancouver to Whistler, via cab, and it will take you an hour and thirty minutes.

Quebec City

Most Canada tours include a trip to Quebec City and are one of the renowned tourist destinations of Canada. Quebec is also known as North America's oldest walled city and is recommended for couples if they want to experience a magical and romantic getaway.

St. John's

St. John's is a picture-perfect town that looks like it came alive from a storybook. Well-known for its technicoloured houses, the artistic town will appeal to anyone's creative side. St. John's is also deemed as a Mini San Francisco, and even though it's one of the oldest cities in the country, it still has a refreshing vibe that makes it the perfect holiday destination; you have to visit the Water Street if you visit this quaint town.


If you think that all there is in Canada is ice and snow, then think again! If you want to indulge in a beach getaway, then ensure that a trip to Tofino beach is included in your Canada Tour Packages. This paradise is perfect for people who love the sea and sand, and you get to explore beautiful beaches like Long Beach and Chester man Beach.


This small town is located on the Hudson Bay and has to be a part of your Canada tours because it definitely counts as one of the best places to visit in Canada. You have to visit Churchill because it's also known as the polar bear capital of the world, and it's the perfect hots pot for tourists who want to experience wildlife. There are also underwater activities that are great for travelers looking for adventure.

Old Montreal

Located in Quebec, Old Montreal is a charming city that exudes an old-worldly aura with its amazing architecture and horse-drawn carriages. Tourists will feel like they have stepped into another era. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then look for a unique and peaceful experience at Old Montreal; it's a perfect holiday destination for a family.

Banff National Park

Banff National Park is deemed as one of the top places to visit in Canada and within good reason. The turquoise lakes, pristine glaciers, snow capped mountains, and picturesque landscapes make a visit to the Park a beautiful experience. The Park is open between 9 am to 7 pm, every day, and it's located at the Town of Banff, Alberta, Canada.

The CN Tower in Toronto

If you're visiting Toronto as part of the Canada tours, then you have to visit the CN tower to take in the city's magnificent skyline. You can dine at the 360-degree restaurant, walk on the edge by going on the glass flooring on the outside, or just take in the view of the city from the top of the tower. The CN Tower is an iconic landmark in Toronto, and it should be included in your travel list when visiting Canada.


Sometimes all you need is peace, quiet, and a gorgeous sight to make your vacation magical. You will get all these things when you visit the Yukon because you get to witness the dance of the Northern lights, which is easily visible from Whitehorse or Dumpster Highway. Winter is the best time to visit Canada, if you plan on going to Yukon. If you put this destination on your list, you will experience a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Butchart Gardens

Looking to up your social media page with the best travel pictures? Then look no further and ensure that your Canada tour packages include Butchart Gardens because it's one of the best places in Canada that can be explored with a camera. Here you will witness various flowers that are displayed beautifully, boat tours, fireworks at night, and much more; you can take part in some fun ice skating as well.

Okanagan Valley

The Okanagan Valley is a beautiful destination that is well known for its orchards and wineries. When you step into this place, you'll feel like you have entered heaven because of its scenic beauty. Also, ensure that you book a wine tour at one of the wineries.

Things to do in Canada

Take in the edge walk experience at the CN tower

The CN Tower is an iconic landmark in Toronto, with its 1,815-foot needle shooting up and highlighting the city's skyline. The tower has an edge walk experience that allows you to get to the restaurant level of the tower but on the outside. Yes, you read that right! You will be provided with a red jumpsuit and strapped to a harness, and this urban adventure will include videos and photos of the thrilling experience. If you don't want to try the edge walk, then you can make your way up to the viewing deck that is thirty-three floors above the edge walk.

Meet a Polar Bear

Manitoba may seem like a small town, but it's a must-see destination because this is where you can meet polar bears. November is the best time to make a trip to the North of the country, and tourists will get to see the winter wildlife from the safety of the tundra buggy. If you don't want to experience the cold for too long, then you can head to the Provincial Park in British Columbia to witness Canada's Grizzly Bears.

Mountain Biking

If you are taking part in Canada holiday packages from India and you want to try out some outdoor activities, then you can try mountain biking in British Columbia. The citizens of Vancouver are known to love the outdoors and adventure sports, which is why they have mapped out the best mountain bike trails in the world. You must visit the Sooke and Campbell River towns that are located on the Vancouver Island because they make for the perfect springboard, along with natural terrain. Hikers can trek along the 75 km West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island.

Party in Vancouver City

Vancouver's clubbing scene is famous throughout the country, and the city is known for its wild nightlife. Head to the Fortune Sound Club if you want to catch popular DJs and celebrities perform on the decks. If you fancy a more chilled out scene that has less dance and more drinks, then you can try out the vibrant microbrewery pubs as well.

Paddle Your Own Canoe

The icy blue lakes at Banff are perfect if you want to float on a canoe, with your significant other. The lake is peaceful and beautiful because it's surrounded by the Canadian Rocky Mountains and millions of fir trees. This is the perfect setting to pick up a paddle with your partner and go for a tranquil float on your own canoe. If you want to go for an adrenaline-filled trip then instead of a canoe, you can opt for sea kayaking on Vancouver Island.

Stay at the John and Yoko Suite

Fifty years ago, the Beatles icon John Legend and Yoko Ono staged their infamous "bed-in" at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth in Montreal. Now, the same suite is available for stay, the suite is currently going through some renovation, but soon it will reopen and offer the customer the virtual reality experience and allow you to see the suite from John and Yoko's point of view.

Savour a delicious plate of Poutine

Poutine is a Canadian delicacy that originates in Quebec. It's made with thick potato chips and covered with brown gravy. Then it's topped with heads of melted cheese, which gives it a special flavour. The delicious combination of potatoes, gravy, and cheese makes it irresistible to travelers and locals. You have to visit Montreal if you're a foodie so that you experience the various food festivals and try out different dishes too.

Art Crawl

When you choose Canada tours, you must not forget to go on an art crawl in Toronto. West Queen West is known as Canada's trendiest/hippest neighborhood because it has some amazing street art and creative curb appeal. The area is home to the trendiest artists, and the city is bustling with creative designs splashed across houses and in art housed galleries. You have to visit on-point galleries like the Propeller and the Birch Contemporary; you can also go for a free graffiti tour.

Take off on a Heli Skiing adventure

If you are an adrenaline junkie and the normal ski resorts and snow slopes are not meeting your adventurous desires, then you have to go heli skiing. Here a helicopter will drop you onto a stunning mountain slope within the wilderness of British Columbia, and this will lead to an experience that you will never forget. Not only is the terrain huge, but it usually opens to an ice rink during the core winter months.

Skating on the Ottawa Canal

The Ottawa Canal has been declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO, and the 202 km long Rideau Canal has made it to the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's longest naturally frozen lake. The best time to visit this site, for an ice skating session, would be during January until early March; it's a great trip for families, and the access is free too. There are snack stations and change huts along with the rink for people who want to take a break from skating or want to change their attire. It's advised that you visit the rink during February to take in the Winterlude Festival and enjoy the ice sculptures, live music, and dance festivals as well.

Hit the Beach

Usually, when travelers book Canada packages from India, they assume that all they will see is snow and ice all year round. But that's far from the truth because Toronto has a spot known as Sugar Beach which is located next to the Redpath Sugar Refinery. In the summer you can visit the beach and enjoy the sand by having a picnic with your loved ones. It's suggested that you rent bicycles and see the Kingston market, Financial District, and Chinatown. This way you will get to see the major hot spots of the city.

Best time to visit Canada

The best time to visit Canada, or the peak season to visit Canada, is usually during the summer; this is between June and September. This is the best time because the weather is warm and the schools are not in session. The rural parts of the country attract less crowd. Still, it’s always a better option to book your trip early if you’re heading to the popular destinations of Canada like Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto.

If you’re planning on visiting during the winter seasons, then you have to know that the temperatures will drop drastically. The northern territories may see milder winters as compared to the rest of the country, which means you get to enjoy adventure sports like skating and skiing. Spring and Autumn are also great seasons to visit Canada because of the pleasant weather and the amazing attractions as well; you can visit between April and September.

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