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I would like to thank Flamingo and the team for our wonderful arrangement. We couldn't say thank you enough for your support. We enjoyed the whole time and all the itinerary arrangements were perfect. First day airport pickup experience was great. The driver was polite and came with Mercedes car which was bonus for us. All the SIC based pickup was great in Singapore. We have enjoyed so much on GBB, Sentosa Island and Universal studio. We got good support from Asian tours and travels in Singapore. Experience was also superb. Adventure Indonesia was very supportive. Especially guide name Gumita, he was very helpful from beginning. Hotels were very good as well.I would like to thank Amitbhai who has helped us so much regarding the information of the trip and provided proper guidance. I would like to thank Abhishekbhai and Himadri as well. They were very supportive from the beginning regarding booking and Visa procedure.

Mr. Naitik Desai | Ahmedabad

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