Wonderful Tour experience With Flamingo Travels

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Family Tour

I will always have Happy memories of this tour for 4 reasons

1. Unnatiben Flamingo 

2. Choice of food & hotels

3. Destinations covered

4. Fellowship

Flamingo has perfected it's services with highly trained and experienced people who knows customer satisfaction is the key to success.

Food and stay can go a long way in giving a wonderful tour experience away from your comfort zone. Whoever has created the menu I am sure he is great foodie and knew the likes of his customers.

Choice of destinations in a crowd will always lead to confusion. But locations were  well thought upon keeping in mind various aspects and travellers choice.

We as a team had people from all ages and walks of life. Yet we were able to gel with each other with such ease. This shows that above all our differences we had a common goal to be happy and enjoy the tour to the fullest. 

Hope destiny will make us meet again soon and create beautiful memories once again.

MR. Vinod Jain | Ahmedabad

Happy Travellers

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