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  • New Zealand Business Visa

    A New Zealand Business Visa for Indians is required if you wish to visit this country for business reasons. You must supply a letter from your employer or the New Zealand Company with which you will be doing business verifying the purpose of your visit. Availing of a New Zealand Business Visa with Flamingo Travels is the first step to prosper in your business venture in New Zealand. Under the conditions of a Business visa, you can stay in New Zealand for three months. 
    • Processing time : 25 - 45 Working days
    • Apply Before : 180 days

    Visa Documents Required

    • Covering letter request for purpose of visit -Original letter with travel plan. If the applicant is submitting the applications of his/her family, then all applications must include a copy of the covering letter
    • 3 Years Income Tax Return
    • Scan copies of current Passport with all Old Passports
    • 1 Photos (35X45mm Size, White Background, 80% Face Image, 20% Shoulder Part, Glossy Finish) Not Used In Previous Visa, No older then 3 Months, Without Specs
    • 6 months Bank Statement with bank person - bank sign and stamp on each page with sufficient balance in A4 Size only

    Travel Documents

    • Hotel confirmation (optional)
    • Detail day wise Itinerary (optional)

    Important Notes

    • The applicant should not purchase non-refundable tickets or accommodations prior to a visa decision. Any such purchases are the sole responsibility of the applicant. We recommend instead that you lodge your application well ahead of your intended travel date and finalize travel arrangements after visa issuance

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