Best time to visit in Croatia

Croatia has mild weather throughout the year. The climate here majorly follows 2 patterns: Mediterranean and Continental. It is Mediterranean on the coast with warm summers and easy winters and Continental inland when during summer it is slightly hot and extremely cold in winter with average temperature barely updating freezing from December to February. 
The peak season is during July and August and is the best time to visit the destination if you are looking for busy beaches and liveliness. Many locals and tourists make way to the beaches during this season. The day time temperatures can be roasting at this point of time however the sightseeing on the coast as well as inland promises a hell of an experience. Traveling in June or September can be more relaxing when it won’t be too crowded and there is significantly less pressure on facilities. 

From October to May the coasts may be extremely quiet and even the accommodation centers and tourist attractions shut down, preparing for winter. Autumn is actually is a good time to explore inland and national parks when the colors bloom from all around assuring amazing landscapes and even the trees are at their best.
In winters it is a pleasure exploring historic centers like Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik. Snow is common here over this period of time but it sure does offer picturesque backdrop.  By mid-March arrives the Spring season, warm and dry weather when one can choose to go cycling, hiking or exploring cultural sites.  

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