Best time to visit in Czech Republic

Czech Republic weather is quite unpredictable and can vary evidently from year to year, though in general the best time to visit Czech Republic is in late spring and early fall which will be 2nd half of May and the month of June and September. During this time the weather is quite pleasant with temperature of 20 degree Celsius with mild evenings. July and August are the warmest and statistically driest months here. The destination is busiest in summer month of July and August. Late spring and fall are less touristy. The slowest times are during winter months of November to March. There is some snow here before Christmas and continues for rest of the winter months. 

The destination is beautiful in the fall when the leaves on the trees change color which usually happens in the 2nd half of October. During this time the weather is a mixture of sunny and cloudy days, windy air, may be some rain, and temperatures still above freezing. In November the colored leaves cover the ground and still it all looks beautiful.

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