Geography in Greece

Greece is located in south-eastern Europe, on the southern end of Balkan Peninsula lieing between 3 continents Europe, Asia and Africa. Due to numerous islands the country boasts the largest coastline in Europe which is 13,676km long. The western part of the country is blessed with mountainous steep peaks of Pindus mountains. Elevations here exceed 2,500 meters, and the mountains are punctuated by various lakes, rivers and wetlands. The highest Greek mountain is Mount Olympus standing 2,918 meters high. Moving southwest stands the huge Meteora rock formations, massive pillars of stones shaped by wind and water over thousands of years. Along the border of Bulgaria, in the far north is the heavily forested Southern Rhodope Mountain range spreading across the land.

Greece is also home to ancient volcanoes on the islands of Kos, Methana, Milos, Proros, Nisyros and Santorini. None of the ancient volcanoes are currently active. Last recorded significant eruptions happened on the island of Nisyros in 1887/1888 and on Santorini in 1950. 

Rivers in Greece include Acheloos, Aliacmon, Evros , Pinios, Trichonis, Vegoritis and Volvi. Most of the smaller rivers dry up in the heat of summer. 

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