Best time to visit in Bali Island

The ideal time to visit Bali is during the summer months of June, July, and August. The opportunity to escape to the southern hemisphere’s winter months is just a little too tempting for tens of thousands of Australians who grab short. No matter at any time of the year, expect Bali to be bustling. The island only goes from busier to busier. Although Bali is warm and comfortable throughout the year, the islands have two distinct seasons: wet and dry. Explore Bali with our International tour packages.

January is typically Bali’s wettest month, though rainfall is not usually constant, you can expect hot sunny days with average temperature of 26 degree Celsius, but this will likely be interrupted with brief tropical downpours. Most of the visitors find that May, June and September are the best time to visit this island, when conditions remain warm and sunny, but there fewer crowds in popular beach resorts. 

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