Geography in Jordan

Jordan is a moderately little nation arranged at the connection of the Levantine and Arabian regions of the Middle East. The nation is verged on the north by Syria, toward the east by Iraq, and by Saudi Arabia on the east and south. Toward the west are Israel and the involved West Bank, while Jordan's solitary outlet to the ocean, the Gulf of Aqaba, and is toward the south.

Jordan involves a zone of roughly 96,188 square kilometers including the Dead Sea, making it comparative in size to Austria or Portugal. Be that as it may, Jordan's differing territory and scene give a false representation of its genuine size, exhibiting an assortment typically discovered just in huge nations.

Western Jordan has basically a Mediterranean atmosphere with a sweltering, dry summer, a cool, wet winter and two short transitional seasons. Nonetheless, about 75% of the nation can be portrayed as having a desert atmosphere with under 200 mm. of rain every year. Jordan can be separated into three principle geographic and climatic regions: the Jordan Valley, the Mountain Heights Plateau, and the eastern desert, or Badia locale.

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