Geography in Kenya

The topography of Kenya is various. The nation has a coastline on the Indian Ocean, which contains bogs of East African mangroves, coconut palm trees and a few patches of tropical rainforest. Kenya's inland comprises of expansive fields and numerous slopes. Focal and Western districts are portrayed by the Great Rift Valley home to two of Africa's most noteworthy mountains, Mount Kenya and Mount Elgon. Kakamega Forest, arranged in Western Kenya is relic of an East African rainforest. A lot bigger is Mau Forest, the biggest indigenous montane backwoods in East Africa.

The nation involves a region of 580,367 square kilometers, 49th on the planet, somewhat more than double the span of Nevada. All out land zone: 569,140 square kilometers. All out water zone: 11,227 square kilometers. The Kenyan Highlands include a standout amongst the best horticultural generation locales in Africa; ice sheets are found on Mt Kenya; novel physiography bolsters copious and fluctuated natural life of logical and monetary esteem.

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