Kitesurfing or Kiteboarding In Maldives

Kiteboarding is the ultimate experience for all adventure enthusiasts. The Maldives fills in as an ideal spot for Kitesurfing because the water here is quite suitable for this kind of water sports activities. Though many of us to date get confused between these two, there are minor differences between kite-boarding and kitesurfing. While a wakeboard (strapped or strapless) is used for kite-boarding and a surf-board is used for kitesurfing. Sailing on the beautiful pristine lagoons is a must and will offer unique sensations to both beginners and advanced. Different styles are preferred by a majority of the adventure lovers and that is:

- Freestyle

- Surf Freestyle

- Speed

- Formula Kite

- Park riding and many more.

Experience all these adventure activities on the Maldives tour.

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