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Things To Do In Mexico

museum hopping in Mexico City
Given that Mexico City has the second largest number of museums in the world, it becomes hard to choose that from where to starting exploring it. Mexico City is residence to the most visited museum in the country.  And its National Anthropology Museum is considered as the one of the best museums in Mexico City and it is next to impossible to explore in one single day because it is dedicated to physical anthropology and ethnographic objects. Room III recreates the entire natural history cabinets as they looked until the early twentieth century. 
Eat all the Tacos
A big Hello to all the foodies! Are you fond of Tacos? Did you know that Mexico is known as the universe of Tacos and will leave the memorable impact on you once you will grab it. It is the perfect mix of sweet, salty, crispy and creamy avocadoes with cheese on top; which will surely set your mood right. Hungry? Then what are you waiting for go grab it as it is truly a food to feed your soul. 
Celebrate Carnival
In many Catholic countries, including Mexico has a great importance of Carnivals in their culture. As they have a complete unique way of celebrating it. You can see the largest parades, marching bands, and carnival dancers performing and showing their skills on the platform. The explosion of colors and music will leave you awe- strucked. This is indeed a good place to celebrate your holidays with your family and friends. It surely serves something for everyone. 
Opt for a street food tour
Life is too short to eat bad food. Venture off the beaten path with street food tours and develop your taste for Mexican cuisines. Mexico City is the metropolis bursting with endless food options and cultural events. Taste the best Mexican food while discovering dynamic neighborhood. Just because of its food tours it is now known as the best and the most exciting food cities. 
Learn to cook Mexican food
It is indeed a pleasure in itself to cook a tasty Mexican food, learn how to make it at your own pace. Learn making some exotic and spicy Salsa, yummy Enchiladas, crispy tacos, classic and authentic Mexican rice and creamy burritos and many more items. Have fun while learning these mouth watering food items. You know what, when Mexicans wake up in the morning they never ask what are you doing today? They will ask, what are we eating today? Just because food is in the heart of every Mexican family. 
Pureto Vallart
It goes without saying that Sky diving is literally insane, but yet a thrilling, unforgettable and a once in a lifetime kind of an experience. But you should try it only if you don’t faint easily, and dream of zooming through the open sky. It is like a dream come true as it is an ultimate experience. And while experiencing it you will realize how the world looks like from 10,000 feet above the sea level. Just don’t miss it!
Boat trip to Yelapa
There are no roads to Yelapa; you have to reach thereby boat. There is a public water taxi service serving the greater Pureto Vallarta area that shuttles visitors and locals alike up and down the coast. This trip gives you much more flexibility as far as when you leave and return. The day trip includes a stop for snorkeling; and these boats leave around 9:30am and return around 4:30Pm. 
Shop for folk arts and handicrafts
What is your shopping list? Make sure as and when you visit Mexico it should include folk art and handicrafts. It is a wonderful place to shop your favorite’s handmade and vintage items of world imaginative marketplace. The main purpose is to protect and encourage traditional Mexican handcrafts. Training is offered to help artisans in order to improving the quality and design of the products while maintaining traditional cultural elements. 
Churros in El Moro
Churros is basically tough fried-dough pastry based snack, and it is very much popular in Mexico. People here wait hours in line just to get the taste of Churros. But at on condition you will have it and i.e. “Eat and forget the Calories”. At El Moro toy will get Churros and that too in different flavors. Churros with chocolate is the best combination ever, it tastes heavenly. You will definitely get other flavors too, so just go and grab it. 
balloon ride in Teotihuacán
Soar over the UNESCO- listed archeological zone of Teotihuacán, which is known as the city of Gods, in hot air balloon. It offers mysterious and magical views as the whole city will be underneath you. The silence of balloon in the lower atmosphere allows for a thoughtful approval of these epic structures. It is once in a lifetime kind of an experience just allows yourself to indulge in this breathtaking moment. 
Frida Kahol’s home turned museum
“Frida Kahlo” is a Mexican artist and the one who painted many portraits, self portraits and arts which were encouraged by the nature and artifacts of Mexico. She is recognized by her likeness, complete with braided hair wound with colorful ribbon or adorned with halo of flowers. And now her home has been turned into a museum and it is the most visited attraction in Mexico City. See her paintings and precious objects at the “Frida Kahlo museum” which is also known as “The Blue House”. 
Visit a traditional Mexican market:
Markets in Mexico are super interesting where you can get a genuine taste of the nearby culture. As you stroll among the market, fill your senses with the brilliant shades of new organic product, the smell of flavors and the hints of merchants getting out. After several rounds, you'll understand something: markets are the original food courts, and serve truly authentic local snacks and specialties.
Longest Zip Line
The Zip Rider is a world class fascination we are glad to have at the Parque de Aventura Barrancas Del Cobre, situated at Copper Canyon in Chihuahua State. Our Zip Rider is 2545 meters (8,350 feet) long with a maximum enlisted speed of 135 km/hr (84 mph)! Chihuahua has the longest zip line of any sort on the planet, with a vertical drop of 450 meters (17% evaluation). The majority of the guests are restless to ride the biggest zip line on earth, situated in the biggest territory of Mexico, in the core of the one of Mexico's characteristic ponders "the Copper Canyon".
Mayan ruins in Yucatan
It is one of the greatest, the safest, and the most rewarding places in Mexico these days. It is the archeological wonder which is being listed by UNESCO world heritage. And its boasts panoramic views.  It is named as The Yucatan’s Chichen Itza and has also been recorded in the seven winders of the world in the year 2007 and was built around 600 A.D. during the Mayan classic Period. You can see the famous jade- inlaid jaguar and the statue of rain god Chac-Mool in the inner temple. 
beach camping in La Paz
La Paz is definitely a place that offers top quality services without losing charm of a small city. It is safe and welcoming but cosmopolitan at the same time; it is surely a city that covers all your needs. It is a perfect place to enjoy beeches, landscapes, water activities, adventures and lot more. But to be very precise it is a place which is totally away from all the hustle and bustle. Enjoy beech camping at this magical town and cherish your holidays all your life. 

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