Bodhi Tree

The Bodhi Tree in Lumbini is located in the divine premises of the Maya Devi Temple complex right next to the vibrant shrine on the banks of the serene Maya Devi Pond. It is considered highly sacred in the region and worshipped with great dedication. One may visit the tree after exploring the temple before maybe sitting by the pond admiring the tranquility of the site. The tree is an age-old Peepal tree or Focus Religious and is quite a pleasant sight as it stands firm on the ground covered with several colored flags. Buddhist monks often sit under the tree meditating or reading spiritual scripts. Visitors can also spend a moment or two to witness the pleasant and spiritual vibe under the cool shade of the grand ancient tree that is believed to have the ability to bring about equanimity. One can also choose to offer prayers and make a wish. Locals believe that wishes will be made while tying a colorful prayer flag are often granted. When one thinks about the Bodhi tree, they would immediately think of the picture of Gautama Buddha sitting in a meditative state under a sturdy Peepal tree. It was under one of these trees that Buddha attained enlightenment and liberation from delusions, anger and self-indulgence.

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