Best time to visit in Phuket

With a tropical atmosphere, the climate in Phuket extensively shifts between warm, cool and blustery. It never truly gets excessively cold. The high traveler season is from November to February when it's cool and dry, after which it remains very hot until May. Rainstorm season starts mid-May and goes on till October. 

November to February: This is the coolest season in Phuket after the downpours are finished. December in Phuket is pretty cool and February is the driest. This is the ideal time to explore water sports in the quiet ocean.

Walk to mid-May: One of the valid justifications to visit Phuket in April is to observe the Songkran Festival, the Thai New Year, when individuals sprinkle water on one another! 

Mid-May to October: Monsoon season in Phuket keeps going from May to October. It is a quiet time to visit since it's not as swarmed as the high season.

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