Cartoon Network Amusement Park

The Cartoon Network park creates an ambience of the Amazon Rain Forest with many attractions and activities such as water slides, artificial seas, rafting, flow riding and live shows, including Ben 10 and his aliens, Finn and Jake of Adventure Time, all Cartoon Network Is a famous character of The Power Puff Girls, Johnny Bravo, etc. The world’s first Cartoon Network themed waterpark conducting the fun you have seen on TV to live featured 10 themed entertainment zones and more than 20 customized slides and rides that you cannot find anywhere else. Enjoying captivating live shows and multimedia entertainment, the park can offer guests immersive experiences. The Omniverse Zone has the world’s biggest sphere-shaped slide and a splash landing free-fall from a great 23.4-meter high tower while the Adventure Zone is filled with spins, twists, tunnels, and turns. Surfers will love the only FlowRider in Pattaya. Cartoon Network Amazone also has themed gourmet and distinctive souvenirs and more for everyone!

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