Drink a Thai Iced Coffee

According to all of us nothing beats a hot cup of coffee to warm you up in winter, right!? But actually, an ice-cold coffee in the scorching summer heat! Thai iced coffee is originally known as Oliang, Oleang, the name is a blend of two words “O” (black) and “Liang” (cold). Oliang is not only made with plain coffee but also poured over ice cubes or refined with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Instead, the flavorful drink is a diverse blend of coffee and several other ingredients. While the recipes may vary, the most common ingredients are corn, soy beans, cardamom, sesame seeds and rice. The mix is usually accessible in the form of powder similar to conventional ground coffee. Customarily, Thai iced coffee is blended with an alleged tungdtom; a channel produced using a muslin sack that is joined to a metal ring with a handle.

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