Try Coconut Ice Cream in Chatuchak

Coconut frozen yogurt is amazingly mainstream and an unquestionable requirement have in Chatuchak Weekend Market. Regardless of whether you didn't anticipate having it, because of the blistering climate you would in the long run wind up purchasing one. Moreover, they are reasonably valued somewhere in the range of 30 and 50 baht for every serving so there's no explanation not to enjoy a little solidified treat. 

There are commonly two sorts of coconut frozen yogurt slows down in Chatuchak Weekend Market. One of them is called Coco JJ, which is a more settled brand that offers an immense scoop of coconut frozen yogurt with two sorts of fixings for 50 baht. For an extra garnish, you will be charged at 5 baht each. Coco JJ is certainly a protected decision for a beginner. They have a couple of slows down spread out in the market. 

The other kind you can attempt will let you appreciate a 'beating buffet'. This implies you get the opportunity to pick and include the same number of (and so much) beating as you need for a fixed. One can likewise select to have it in a cup (30 baht) or a coconut shell (40 baht).

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