Sidi Saiyyed Mosque

The Sidi Saiyad Mosque is an architectural wonder of Gujarat. The Mosque was authorized by the last Gujarat Sultanate and was finished in the most recent year of its standard, before the Mughals from Delhi vanquished them and assumed control over the city. Gujarat Sultanate are often credited for an excellent a part of the foremost stunning Islamic design in Ahmedabad also as quite little bit of Gujarat. The mosques worked within the ir time rival absolutely the best in the nation, and possibly within the world also . It is situated in the heart of 600 year old walled city of Ahmedabad. The design of the mosque is entirely constructed involving arches, and domes. It is the structural image of Ahmedabad and furthermore called as the India's first UNESCO World Heritage Site. The twentieth century history specialists address these Jalis because the most extraordinary and artistic stone grid work to be found anyplace within the world. Witness the beauty of Sidi Saiyad Mosque with our Gujarat tours.

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