Geography in Jammu and Kashmir

In the recent era, the geography of Kashmir is divided among India, Pakistan, and China. The northwestern part of Kashmir is controlled by Pakistan, the Central and southern part by India, and the north-eastern part of Kashmir is controlled by China. Most of the region of Kashmir is undeveloped and is ruled by huge mountain ranges such as the Karakoram and the Himalayan Ranges. The Kashmir valley is situated between these mountain ranges and it also has many rivers in this region.

The geographical location of Kashmir denotes that it is surrounded by many foreign countries. And so, Kashmir valley is quite important from a strategic viewpoint. The region has an area of around 101387 sq. km. It lies between Latitude 32°17’ and 37°05’ North and longitude 72°31’ and 80°20’ East. The State is divided into three geographic regions Kashmir Valley, Ladakh, and Jammu. The top regions of Kashmir are covered by Karakoram, Pir Panjal, and inner Himalayan ranges of mountains. Most of the Kashmir tours Packages are planned based on the region and best time to travel.

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