Baba Mandir - The Mystic Spot Of Sikkim

Located between Nathula and Jelepla Pass at an altitude of 13, 123 ft and about 52 kms from Gangtok, Baba Harbhajan Singh temple which is popularly known as Baba Mandir.

One usually covers this temple along with a visit to Tsongmo and Nathula Pass. This temple is fascinating history and rich culture. The local people are of the opinion that Baba Harbhajan Singh still guards the international boundary India and China. Explore this historic beauty and get a good understanding about the different faiths and religions . 

 The story behind the temple is sentimental for many. Harbhajan Singh was part of the Punjab Regiment as Sentry. He was posted at the China border as part of the border patrol force. It is said that in October 1968 he disappeared without a trace. People have contemplated and many stories have been doing the rounds. The most popular among them is that he drowned. Harbhajan Singh used to escort mules that carry provisions. He could have fallen in a stream and drowned. A fellow sentry personnel had a dream about him after a few days and asked him to construct a memorial in his name

The sentries build a tombstone and a few years later a temple was built on it. It is believed that Harbhajan Singh’s spirit is still alive. They pray and wish that Harbhajan Singh will protect them when they traverse the difficult terrain.

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