Rimbi Water Falls

Rimbi Waterfalls is a scenic waterfall near Pelling. Situated near Darap Village, it is one of the famous waterfalls in Pelling .

The waterfall turns into Rimbi River, which is frequented by locals and tourists for various recreational activities like swimming and fishing.On the way to Khecheopalri Lake and Yuksam, Rimbi waterfall is formed over Rimbi River.

Located close to the waterfall is one of the oldest hydro power stations in Sikkim. Established in the early 70's, this power station is the source of energy for most of the villa towns of West Sikkim including Gayzing, Tigjuck and Pelling.

All the tourists stop over here for some time while going to Kanchenjunga Waterfalls.

Both summer and winter are perfect for enjoying Rimbi. It is during monsoon, that the water flow is heavy and is suggested that not to venture into the fall.

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