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Introducing Botswana

Please pen down, Botswana is blessed with some of the greatest wildlife spectacles on the earth; it is one of the greatest safari destinations in Africa. The Okavango Delta is a place where wild creatures roam and rule where big cats and much bigger elephants walk free in one of the world’s last great wilderness. And it is also a place of unparalleled beauty where safari possibilities can see as endless as the water themselves.  In short, this is all about experiencing wild Africa at your own pace. So build a campfire, gaze at the stars and feel at one with this gloriously beautiful country. Feel the beauty of this destination with our Botswana holiday packages.

Must know facts

Best time to visit
Ideal time to visit Botswana is the green season from November to March and especially when you are planning to visit Botswana for the national parks of Moremi and Chobe. Note: Okavango Delta can get ...
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History & culture
The Botswana are descended for the most part from Bantu-talking clans who relocated southward into the district 1500 years back, living in ancestral enclaves as agriculturists and herders. The rearran...
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Botswana is land locked country located in Southern Africa. The atmosphere is Semi-parched, with warm winters and scorching summers. Botswana is at risk for periodic droughts due to its landlocked sta...
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