History & Culture in Canada

Historically, the Canadian people are made up of many ethnic groups including the natives, like the Métis and the Inuits, and the emigrants from various parts of the world who moved here in search of a better standard of life. The arrival of the Europeans caused a clash of civilizations between them and the natives. The natives lost and the culture of innumerable tribes was destroyed. 

Today, Canadian culture is a mixture of British, French, and American influences and this can be seen in every aspect of cultural life, from theatre/films and literature to arts and culinary arts. July 1, 1867, also known as Confederation Day, is the day when Canada adopted its current constitution and became an official country. English and French are its official languages. A substantial number of Canadians identify themselves as being of mixed or multiple origins. Also, as the immigrant groups have settled in particular regions, they generally have retained their cultural identity and this can be seen as one traverses these regions.

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