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Introducing Canada

Canada is the second largest country in the world – it is not surprising then that it offers a wide variety of landscapes, cultures and activities to absorb. Whether you love adventure or love exploring the cities and towns or being one with nature, there’s something for all kind of travellers. From grasslands, to immaculate coastlines and snow-topped moutains, Canada is a treat to the eyes. It  makes for a wonderful road-trip country. You can visit the famous Niagra Falls, take an old city walking tour in Quebec, go sight-seeing in Vancouver, experience and zipline adventure and go on a whale-watching tour. The people in Canada are also as diverse as its landscapes. It includes indigenous tribes as well as multicultural communities who have migrated for work. You may even check out the procdeure to get a working holiday visa in case you want to spend substantial time traversing the country. The countrys’ capital is Ottawa and the origin of the word ‘Canada’ tranlsates to a ‘village’.The currency here is the Canadian dollar.


Must know facts

Best time to visit
Owing to the diverse landscapes, activities and adventures that make up Canada, one may consider visiting it at any given point in time – there will always be a lot to do and see. Except, winters are ...
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History & culture
Historically, the Canadian people are made up of many ethnic groups including the natives, like the Métis and the Inuits, and the emigrants from various parts of the world who moved here in search of ...
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Canada is the second largest country in the world – second only to Russia and yet sparsely populated. Most of this land mass is not very suitable for habitation and a large part of its population is c...
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