Best time to visit in China

China tourism is a significant industry and a major contributor to the economy of China. It attracts millions of international tourists from all corners of the world. China has something uncommon to offer each long stretch of the year. In any case, the best time to visit China is during spring (April-May) and fall (September-October), when a large portion of the well known spots have their most the tourism friendly climate. The cultural and historical destinations like Beijing, Shanghai, and Xi'an are not really influenced by climate conditions.

Choose your China tour packages and experience exciting festivals assuring a memorable holiday. Spring is one of the best times to visit China, especially for nature lovers. Flowers bloom and temperatures are cool to warm.

Main seasons of China
- Summer: June- August 
- Autumn: September, October and November 
- Winter: December, January and February 
- Spring: March, April, and May

Top Events
- Chinese New Year 
- Beijing Mid-Autumn Festival 
- Dragon Boat Festival 
- Red leaf festival at Fragrant Hill 
- 798 Art festival

January is considI/ered as the coldest month in China. Most parts of China experience severe winter weather except some locations in South China, like Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macau, and Hainan Island. These places usually never get cold and are relaxed winter escapes for people from colder latitudes. If you wish to explore China in January you will witness snow falls in North China (Harbin, Beijing, Tianjin), and it might feel even colder still in Central China because of the high humidity level.

Events in January
Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year, also termed as Spring Festival or Lunar New Year, and it is the grandest festival in China, with a 7-day long holiday. As the most vivid yearly events, the customary CNY traditional CNY endures longer, as long as about fourteen days, and the peak shows up around the Lunar New Year's Eve. China during this period is ruled by famous red lamps, noisy firecrackers, get together, and marches, and the celebration even triggers rich festivals over the globe. This festival typically lands at the end of January or early February.

February is the latest month of winter for everything except the furthest north of China. Winter is still going full swing in North China with frosty climate. In central and South China, it is marginally hotter than in January yet at the same time feels moist and cold. Indications of spring show up in the south before the finish of February. In any case, contingent upon where you go in the nation, the climate fluctuates somewhat consistently; while the north is cold and dry, focal China encounters marginally hotter and climate and southern China can be out and out warm however rainy too. Fortunately, no matter where you go in China you’re sure to find something to do and see during this time of year.

Events in February
Lantern Festival
Lamp Festival in China denotes the finish of the Spring Festival, this yearly convention highlights lighting a huge number of paper lights and discharging them into the night sky to respect the New Year and deceased loved ones. After the occasion, Chinese New Year taboos are no lobger in effect and Spring Festival decorations are brought down from homes and urban communities across China. The Lantern Festival happens on the first full moon of the Chinese New Year.

Harbin Ice Snow Festival
The city of Harbin grasps the winter cold (and monstrous snowfall in the district) by hosting a month-long festival including huge ice models made by craftsmen from around the globe. In spite of the fact that this yearly winter festivity authoritatively finishes on in the principal seven day stretch of February, you can even now observe the figures for half a month after the close.

March in China sees the first efforts of spring; trees, people, and animals begin to break out winter hibernation. Following the cold long stretches of winter, March is fairly comfortable time to be outside for a few hours one after another. Obviously, the climate differs uncontrollably over the areas in China because of the huge size of the nation. In March, Northern China at long last begins to heat up with a normal increase of 11 degrees Fahrenheit from February. Beijing will at present feel cold yet generally dry.

Events in March
Shanghai Peach Blossom Festival
Shanghai Peach Blossom Festival celebrates blooming trees and the arrival of spring since 1991. Visitors during this time can enjoy food, music, and decorated orchards all honoring the fuzzy fruit and beautiful blossoms. So along with enjoying the several peach trees in the region, you can also listen to conventional Chinese music played by ethnic folk musicians and dancers. There is an as of late created park you can see there that is known as the Chengbei Folk Peach Orchard. You can appreciate some Chinese cooking in the eateries and purchase peach items in the shops.

In April, spring is experienced all throughout most of China, and it is called as the best time to visit. One of the largest countries by area in the world (3.7 million square miles), China's geography consists of many regions and its climate can vary on larger scale. Generally, the climate is heating up during the day with evenings staying cool. It can be called as a good time for outdoor activities and go traveling across most of the country, although it is still freezing in the northernmost regions and in the mountains.

Events in April
Water Splashing Festival
This festival is celebrated on April 13–15, 2020, by the Dai people (basically a Buddhist ethnic group) in the southern China Yunnan territory. Community members splash water on each other as they say it a blessing for good luck in the coming year. The event includes dragon boat races, gift exchanges, fireworks and lot more.

Beijing International Film festival
Beijing International Film Festival is the 10th annual film event usually conducted in the months of April 19-26 at the China Science and Technology Museum. Guests enjoy red carpets and a great opportunity to see the latest local and global films. Under the belief of “Share the Screen, Shape the Future”, the festival combines film possessions from all corners of the world to improve the global trade and collaboration of the film industry.

The Great Wall Marathon
The Great wall marathon is conducted every year in China since 1999 near Beijing offers a full marathon, a half marathon, and an 8.5K (5 mile) Fun Run to attendees from over 60 countries. Enjoy one of the Seven Wonders of the World in what has been called one of the most challenging marathons on the planet. The Great Wall Marathon is broadly measured one of the world's most challenging marathons. Despite the difficult course on the iconic Great Wall of China, runners will be pleased by its breathtaking surroundings and views. The route leads participants throughout the lower valley and into the villages; cheer leaders keep on cheering up the participants for boosting their morals.

On the off chance that you wish to explore China in May, you can yet it depends upon warm, mellow temperatures with lower level of warmth and humidity. During the spring, the beautiful Chinese landscape boasts lush, green fields and blooming flowers. Clear blue skies will great you in the major cities (a rare occurrence in this country) and the residents are cheerful with spring fever, making it a best time to visit China.

Events in May
Midi Music festival
Midi Music Festival is synonymous to the (China's largest rock festival) which is held early May in Beijing and showcases performances by over 50 worldwide secretive rock artists. This event is generally hosted by the Beijing Midi School of Music is also held in other Chinese cities and offers a different lineup at each location.

Luoyang Peony Festival
Luoyang Peony Festival is well known among Chinese voyagers and peony fans the world over. Every year from mid-April to mid-May, the peonies are in full sprout, by and large arriving at their top during the period April fifteenth 25th, which is the date set for the yearly celebration. During the peony fair, gardens are swamped with beautiful blossoms for the most part reds blended in with whites, yellows and purples set against a foundation of thick, lively, dull green leaves, similar to a horde of valuable stones set in brilliant, sparkling rings. Likewise, there is different society exhibitions organized in the nurseries.

June is considered as the beginning of summer in China; daylight temperatures feel even hotter due to pop-up showers that create moisture. Flowers will be in full bloom because June is one of the top-3 wettest months of the year for China as a whole. Despite the fact that Mother Nature doesn’t care much about the Gregorian schedule, tropical storm season ordinarily starts in May and decreases around the finish of October. A dominant part of the tropical storms that hit Hong Kong happen during July, August, and September, however there is consistently the opportunity a mid one will turn up in June.

Events in June
Dragon Boat Festival
Dragon Boat Festival which is also well-known as Duanwu Festival. It is considered as a traditional and important celebration in China. Dates for the festival according to the lunar calendar, but it's often held near the summer solstice. Even though the Dragon Boat Festival is a public holiday, people don't travel far and wide like they do during holidays such as Chinese New Year and National Day. You won't need to stress a lot over huge groups and stalled open transportation—simply pick a spot to appreciate the fascinating celebration!

Summer travel can be troublesome in China, particularly in case you're delicate to warmth and stickiness. July is the wettest month in China and has usual rainfall. Guangzhou notices the worst of it, with a normal of 16 stormy days and average daytime temps of 91°F (33°C). Shanghai sees 89°F (32°C) temperatures and 12 stormy days while Beijing gets two weeks of downpour and somewhat cooler days at 86°F (30°C). On the bright side, lodgings and cafés quite often have cooling to cool you off.

Events in July
Gyantse Horse Festival
In rugged beautiful high-altitude country about 245 kilometers southwest of Lhasa is the ancient town of Gynatse where there are annual athletic contests on the fourth lunar month of the Tibetan calendar. These contests include horse dashing and arrow based weaponry challenges, just as wrestling, Tibetan Opera, music and moving, Olympic style events, and ball games. Alongside this, there is an open market and an open market to purchase real Tibetan specialties products and an excursion where you can attempt the Tibetan nourishment.

The weather for August in China still feels very much like summer, but the heat begins to fade slightly. Moistness is still high the nation over aside from in the northwest and Tibet where climate is gentle and brilliant. Many local families are traveling with their children during August. Big, family-friendly attractions can be even more crowded than usual. The uplifting news is there aren't any national occasions in August; you'll have the option to maintain a strategic distance from the occasion travel masses that frequently obstruct mainstream places.

Events in August

Double seventh day
The Chinese version of Valentine’s Day, also known as the Qixi festival, and is celebrated every August; dates vary because the event is based on the lunisolar calendar.  In ancient times, it is considered as one of most romantic occasion in the traditional Chinese festival calendar and an especially important day for girls. Double seventh day was originated from the romantic legend of two lovers, Niulang and Zhinv, and celebrates their meet up on this night.

Nagqu Horse Racing Festival
There are many Horse Racing Festivals in Tibet, yet the most eminent celebration is in Nagqu, which is the most wonderful landscape on the northern Tibet field in summer. Found somewhere in the range of 320 kilometers upper east of Lhasa, it takes you around six hours to head to Nagchu. You ought to arrange three days to guarantee the nature of your photography. Starting on August 1 every year, the Nagchu Horse Racing Festival will last from 5 to 15 days. The celebration here is the most excellent of this sort all through Tibet. This yearly occasion happens in Tibet and highlights various cultural dances, folk music, and food nearby horseback riding skill competitions. The celebration starts on August 1.

Ziyuan Water Lantern and Song Festival
Ziyuan Water Lantern and Song Festival is one of the most well known celebrations for a local day tour. It is held in Ziyuan County from the thirteenth to the fourteenth day of the seventh lunar month. The festival includes rich and diverse activities with strong uniqueness, like folk song competitions, and dragon-lion dancing. Hundreds of people floating water lanterns in the local river make a fantastic scene at night that you can't afford to miss.  Local people prefer to make water lanterns themselves. They believe it's more sincere to memorize their forefathers with their own handicraft. You may learn how to make one from the hospitable local residents.

The month of September is known as the best time to visit China, especially if you're planning to take in some of China's biggest tourist destinations like the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, and Imperial Palace in Beijing, or the Li River in Guilin. Since numerous children far and wide beginning back to class far and wide this month, enormous attractions won't be very as swarmed as during the peak summer season.

Events in September
Shanghai International Music Fireworks Festival
Shanghai International Music Fireworks Festival was begun in 2000 and has been held on the National Day consistently in Shanghai Century Park. It is one of the most important international music fireworks festivals in China as well as Asia. It is facilitated by Shanghai Tourism Management Committee and Shanghai Pudong New Area People's Government. Structured around China’s National Day and as part of the Shanghai Tourism Festival, the ‘symphony of fire’ is measured by many to be the most notable fireworks display in all of Asia. With uniquely scripted music for the occasion, the celebration draws in pyrotechnic organizations from over the globe, exhibiting new innovations in firecrackers and in sound and light shows.

October can be probably the greatest month to visit China. Autumn truly begins to get into full swing in central China all through October, and you'll discover cooling temperatures and mild, sunny climate the nation over throughout the entire month. October carries cooler yet mellow temperatures with a lot of bright days to appreciate the fall foliage, yet the climate can change radically by area. While the capital city of Beijing in northeastern China stays moderately cool and dries throughout the month, the southern city of Guangzhou is still relatively hot and rainy.

Events in October
National Day of the People's Republic of China
This is commonly seven days extended vacation for every single Chinese laborer. National Day praises the development of the People's Republic of China, which was established on October 1, 1949, and is celebrated all through terrain China, Hong Kong, and Macau with an assortment of celebrations, events, and public concerts.

November is certainly not a major travel month in China. Yet, for foreign  guests, it tends to be an extremely perfect month in which to see the Asian nation. To the extent groups and charges go, it's not so much occupied but rather more reasonable. In October, you have the week-long open occasion for the People's Republic of China National Day, which makes travel progressively swarmed and increasingly costly. What's more, in December, it's now getting very cold, particularly in China's northern spans. Consequently, November can be a generally serene month.

Events in November
China International Import Expo festival
The China International Import Expo (CIIE) is a trade fair held in pre-winter yearly since 2018 in Shanghai, China. It is the world's first import-themed national-level expo. It highlights presentations of various nations and organizations and the Hongqiao International Economic and Trade Forum. The China International Import Expo happens in Shanghai in ahead of schedule to mid-November. In excess of 150,000 Chinese and outside expert buyers from around the globe join in.

There are a lot of activities and occasions to take in when making a trip to China throughout the winter. Reliant upon which part of the nation you are visiting, winter climate can set in ahead of schedule or late in the season. In case you're in the north, with urban communities like Beijing and Hohhot, you might need to confine your outside introduction or make certain to put on a lot of chilly climate gear; which can all be gotten cheaply in neighborhood markets. Be that as it may, in case you're in the south, home of Guangzhou and Haikou, the climate can be really mellow, yet wet and you'll have the option to appreciate some outdoor activities.

Events in December
Christmas in Shanghai
Christmas is increasingly better known in China. Youngsters in Shanghai observe Christmas for the most part as a celebration to get together with their friends or family. In case you're longing for a white Christmas, turn around now. December is the beginning of summer, implying that the Christmas season is commended in singing hues: barbeques and outdoor concerts with pot luck dinner. Plan your trip with our China Tour packages and explore the best of China with us.

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