National Stadium - Bird Nest

Beijing National Stadium which is otherwise called bird's nest which is home as it has become known is the world's biggest steel structure and the most intricate arena at any point developed. It is one of the most unique marvels in the world today, discover it with our China holiday tours. It was planned by Swiss Architects, Herzong de Meuron and a Chinese Architect, Li Xiggang. The necessities for its design were that it had to be inspiring and be able to survive an earthquake. In order to make this unique structure light weight but earthquake proof the strength in 110000 tons of new grade of steel, the purest ever developed in China. The design came from the idea of single thread wrapped round a ball. The structure is secured with a polymer layer, rain proof but yet translucent, permitting daylight for the grass. This special membrane enhances lightning within the stadium by diminishing glare and shadowing, giving a more favorable competition environment.

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