Summer Palace

With the construction started in 1750, Summer Palace was built as a luxury royal garden. In the end of Qing Dynasty, it had ranked among the main residence of royal members. In 1924, it was open to the public. Later in 1998, it got listed into World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Summer Palace boasts the top royal garden in China with regard to scale and preservation, recoginized long as “The Museum of Royal Gardens”.

Summer Palace covers an area of 300.59 hectares, with over 3,000 artificial structures which occupy more then 70,000 square meters. It features a dazzling fusion of natural sceneries and artificial designs including pavilions, corridors, bridges, and towers. Inside the garden, there are two main parts: the Court Area, Front Hill Area, Rear ill Area and Lake Area.

Court Area lies in the northeast of the Summer Palace, stretching from East Palace Gate to the Northeast coast of Kunming Lake. This area accommodates several transportation means and is the primary stop for visitors to view the charm of Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake.

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