Florence Accademia and Uffizi Galleries Tour with City Sights

Uffizi Museum is one of the great museums of the world which houses the premier collection of Italian Renaissance art, featuring works by such masters as Botticelli, Titian, Michelangelo and Da Vinci. The building was never made with the intention to be used as an art museum. Thus you will find long labyrinth of rooms with amazing works of art displayed roughly in chronological order along a U-shaped Renaissance building. These spaces were not "born" as a museum nor intended to welcome up to an average of 10.000 people a day, which they do now. Apart from being the art-fond, Medici family also collected manuscripts, gems, coins and cameos over the centuries. The far end of the corridors gives a great view to see San Miniato Church and the Bardini Gardens across the Arno and last but not least the Ponte Vecchio over the Arno River.

The Florence Accademia Gallery is located in heart of the city .It hosts examples of paintings and sculptures by the great 14th and 15th century masters who made Florence -the capital of Art. The Accademia Gallery was founded in 1784 upon Grand Duke Leopoldo .La Galleria dell’ Accademia was created to host a collection of antique and modern paintings and sculptures so the students of the nearby Accademia Di Belle Arti could chase their studies in the light of these great masterworks. The centre piece of this gallery is the magnificent giant marble sculptures created by Michelangelo, and above all, the glorious David. 

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