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Central Europe

Introducing Florence

Located on the banks of Arno River, Florence is the capital city of the Tuscany region in Italy. The city is known to house some of the greatest artistic treasures in the world. Known as ‘Firenze’ in Italian, the entire historic city centre of Florence is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site! Its buildings are historic and hold more valuable art pieces within them. The giants of world-class art are known to have lived here, ushering in the famous Renaissance period. Florence is considered a relatively small city, where money-lending and textile businesses were the predominant occupations. While most of its present glory is courtesy of its glorious past, it is the Florentine gourmet cuisine that shines out even today. Italy has been a fashion hub from the time designers like Guccio Gucci opened their boutiques here in the 1920s and boutique shopping in Florence is still every bit promising and classy.

Must know facts

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The weather in Tuscany is generally mild but as a small river basin located amidst hills, the climate of Florence tends to be subtropical. Summers are extremely hot and humid while winters are cool an...
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History & culture
The history of Florence spans across 2000 years. It was founded as a Roman military base around the first century BCE. Between the 14th and 16th century, Florence became a major economical centre – th...
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Florence was founded as a military colony to control the north-south crossing of the Arno River through passes in the Appenine Range. Forming a part of the stunning Tuscan countryside, the city is sit...
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