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The weather and climate in Jordan can vary considerably depending on location and altitude. In the summer the weather in Jordan, especially in deserts of Jordan valley is blisteringly hot while at other times of year the deserts can be freezing and snow is unheard of. Winters in Jordan are generally short and cool; January is the coolest month with temperature of 5-10 degree and 70% of the average rainfall in the country falls during this period.

Spring here starts in March, when wild flowers emerge, valleys are green and temperature stays in their teens. And yes, for diving in Aquaba the best time is September, October and early November, when water is warm at around 26 degree, plus marine life is abundant during this time including eagle rays and turtles.

And did you know? In late July and early August each year the ancient, the ancient plazas, avenues and theaters provide an enchanting background for the Jarah festival of culture and arts, a major celebration of music, drama, dance, poetry, craftwork and fine art as well. So somehow this is an ideal time to visit Jordan, pack your bags and get ready to explore the historic destination with all your heart with our Jordan tour packages from Mumbai.

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